Meet Maxwell Stanley


Saturday before last, this baby made my little brother into a dad; a completely smitten and full of wonder dad who tells me on the phone that he could easily sit and hold his son all day and just *look* at him. 

I know, I said, isn’t it the coolest?

There is nothing like hearing such tender happiness in the voices of the people you love.  I am so happy for him and for my amazing sister-in-law.  I get to go meet the new guy in a few weeks.  I can’t wait to hold him and smell his head and send my brother and his wife out on a date so they can blink their eyes and look at each other across the table in that stunned and sort of dazed way that new parents with not enough sleep and a whole lot of love have.  

Now to talk them into blogging. . .

6 thoughts on “Meet Maxwell Stanley

  1. SD's Husband

    Ahhh….the days of prying the eyelids open are upon them. Congrats to you and them for this little guy! And good on you for offering up (or maybe demanding) that they get out of the house one night – if for nothing else but to go to a movie and fall asleep. (I wouldn’t know anything about that.) We’re one and done with a 5 year old. Holding a newborn never gets old.


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