Mom, I apologize for the pictures in advance

Meet the burmese python.  Kids (lots of kids have met this snake) always ask John what its name is, and he always says that he didn’t name it because it won’t come when it’s called.  I have had dreams of this snake breaking out of its cage, chasing me down the hall to my bedroom, and then after I’m safe inside, I see that it is hitting the door so hard it’s bending in the middle.  SKA-AIR-IEEE






Here are photos from Lexy’s birthday hike, which was probably the best kid’s party I’ve ever put on.  John took the kids and a few adults on a hike while I sat on my ass talking to my cousin and his girlfriend and ate this great sweet, salty, nut trail mix thing from trader joe’s.  Nate saw a snake, which John caught, and they checked out some bullfrogs, and a Jerusalem cricket.  I didn’t get a photo of the party favors, which were made of 16 different colored bandannas, each tied around a ziplock bag of trail mix (heavy on the chocolate chips), a tiny compass, and a little harmonica.  I put them all in a big shallow basket.  I felt like Martha, just for a moment.  Lots of the kids tied theirs to sticks, and walked around like tiny hobos who shop at gaaap kidz.  When you see the pictures of my kids, keep in mind that I am very ashamed to have unintentionally created a sort of free ad for that store and the more affordable Oldde Navie.  It’s just what was clean, and in Willow’s case, what was warmest that fit.  Thank the universe that people actually listened when I said to get him books!  He got tons of them and a totally space age book light from my mom.  (hint to Mom: christmas + me = booklight!)  He has been out of my hair ever since.  He got lots of cool toys, too. 





4 thoughts on “Mom, I apologize for the pictures in advance

  1. Mom

    OK, let me just say that I HATE THAT SNAKE! The birthday party pictures, I love, however, so that helps a little. Yeah, I really, really, really, hate that snake – so now I’m going back to work. And you should keep that snake away from my grandchildren!

  2. Dixie

    I’m with your mom. I’m a bit wigged out by that snake and I’m thousands of miles away from it.

    Okay, I’ll admit it’s sorta cool but it’s still scary to me. I’m a weenie when it comes to snakes and rodents. And spiders.

    The party favors remind me of when I was a kid. I was under the impression from countless cartoons and Stuart Little that when one ran away from home they packed up their belongings in a bandana, put it on a stick and slung it over their shoulder. Anything else wasn’t even legal to do.

  3. GraceD Who Agrees With Your Mom

    You are so lovely and creative, Martha touches and all, dear JeniJen. Why mess it all up with not just one but two serpents?

    Is there some sort of Adam and Eve thing going on at Chez DotCalm?

    You know what’s more daring and braver than having snakes around? Having your mother read your blog.


  4. Jen

    Grace! We have FIVE snakes. And an Asian Water Monitor. Hissing Cockroaches, two tarantulas and lots of frogs. Used to have scorpions, too, but they all passed on.


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