Monday by the numbers

  • Cups of coffee = two
  • Pieces of bacon = two and a half
  • Spiders = two
  • Burned out light bulbs = one
  • Loads of laundry = two
  • Ran the dishwasher = once (sink STILL not empty)
  • Stopped to look at the gorgeous full moon = forty seven times
  • Minutes spent at meeting for kids’ drama club = thirty
  • Minutes spent standing in line to hand in drama club parent volunteer forms = thirty
  • Number of people who checked in on me in person, or via phone, email or txt today = at least twenty
  • Number of people who offered help clean my house = three
  • Number of forms my kids brought home about lice exposure at school = two
  • Number of times I said shit, goddamnit, motherfucker about the idea of my kids getting lice = ninety six
  • Number of times I checked their heads = eleven
  • Number of kids who got their heads scrubbed by me = two
  • Number of kids doing Irish dance in the living room an hour past bedtime = three
  • Number of beers I’ve opened = two
  • Messages in my work email that I need to answer = 186
  • In personal email = afraid to look
  • Number of kids who didn’t get lunch today because they thought I didn’t give the school a check and didn’t think to ASK SOMEONE = two
  • Number of schools I actually forgot to give a check to = one
  • Number of times I yelled at my kids = one (roughhousing turned to injury turned to punching)
  • Number of times I felt lucky = seven
  • Number of nice surprises = one

5 thoughts on “Monday by the numbers

  1. Marina

    I’m so sorry. Thinking of you and sending good vibes and strength. (K’s friend – who you turned on to blogs years ago and who’s been obsessed ever since.)


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