Mother of the Bride

I have a sister, she was recently married, who is 24.  I am 36.  The other night I ran over to Trader Joe’s to get a few things, and the guy checking me out (ringing up my groceries, checking me out, and certainly not checking me out checking me out, because, well, keep reading. . . ) says, "Do you have a daughter named Ashley?"


"Um, I have a sister named Ashley," I told him.


"Oh," he says, "did she just get married?"

I told him she did and we talked about names for a minute until we realized that we were talking about different Ashleys, though he and my sister went to the same school and were only a year apart. 
I went to that school, too, and told him when I graduated. 

He looked me right in the eye and made a surprised face, "NO WAY!!  You don’t look that old!" he said.  I didn’t point out that he started the conversation assuming that I was at least ten years older than that.  He was trying to be nice and I appreciated it. 

And, I’ll never go in his line again as long as I live (which, you know, given my advanced age may not be so long anyway).

Back later with something pretty.

8 thoughts on “Mother of the Bride

  1. Ashley

    I’m sorry! (I wonder if I even know who it was.) And you don’t look even remotely old enough to be my mom. Not even close.

  2. Marsha

    Some guys are just that dumb, they actually don’t realize that you would have to be around 40 to have a 20 year old daughter. You are so beautiful, I am so jealous of how beautiful you are!

  3. Daisy

    I have the opposite “problem”, and it’s not really a problem. My mom was a fairly young mom (20) and she has aged very well. We are mistaken for sisters. I keep saying it’s not that I look old (I hope), it’s because she looks young.

  4. lounge lizard

    No doubt the fairer sex is the more shallow as well. What is age but a mere number? We all have our ‘crosses to bear,’ and women should certainly be more preoccupied with their breast size and how well-fed their man is.
    I Hope that didn’t sound misogynous.

    Hey, anybody here see my car keys?


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