My nose and the grindstone have become very close the past couple of weeks.  I expect things to stay this way for a couple of more weeks as well.  At least thru December, so really more than a couple of weeks.  Sigh. 

I need to ask a favor from any of you knitty types. (Tankbear??)  What am I to do with the few inches of yarn at the beginning and end of the cute, but too long, scarf that I finished?  I made a washcloth and wove the ends back into it, but they show a little and I’m not happy with the results.  Thanks!! 

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  1. Mom

    My knitting book says to weave the ends back into the piece in a diagonal way instead of horizontally or vertically. I haven’t done it yet, because I haven’t finished either of my 2 projects, but that’s what my book says.

  2. Jenny

    I like fringe on my scarves so I just incorporate the loose ends into the fringe, but I do what Mom’s book says on my other projects- i weave the ends in a diagonal way, weaving the end up a row and then to the left or right a stitch and then up the next row. I think it hides the ends in a more discrete way than horizontally or vertically. Becky at may have a better method, though… she’s SUPER knitty!


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