Nearly Missed *

You know that part in Elmopalooza where Elmo asks Rosie O’Donnell if she wants to sing, and Rosie is all, "WHO! MEEEE?  SING?   I’D LOOOOOOVE TO!!!"  Well, The MommyBloggers sent me an email last week asking if they could interview me.  And I was all, "WHO! MEEEEE?  TALK ABOUT MYSELF??   I’D LOOOOVE TO!!"

And so on Monday afternoon, I’ll be talking about myself.  Except really I did it on Saturday and part of Sunday morning, but whatever. 

*That’s the song Rosie and Elmo sing together, in case you aren’t in the know.

5 thoughts on “Nearly Missed *

  1. marian

    Oh that’s excellent news. I’ve always wondered why those people weren’t pounding on your door. And now they are! Congrats…


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