new hair cut

  lightened up 
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Yesterday my mom and I went and had haircuts together, then drove home by way of an apple orchard.  I love autumn, and while we were driving down the road that bisected the orchard, we could smell the apples. 

My older kids are out of town to attend a family funeral (on their dad’s side) tomorrow without me.  A funeral for someone wonderful, someone we all cared about.  Nate’s sick, and I feel really sad for all of them.  I wish I could be there or they could be here.  I hate not being with them when they’re upset.  I know they’re in good hands, but it makes me anxious all the same.

7 thoughts on “new hair cut

  1. Denise

    My dear, you have not aged a bit since I met you some 13-14 years ago with almost the same doo….. I love it!!!!!! So are you ready to take my order???


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