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The BlogHer Ad Network has been running public service announcements this season, which you’ve probably seen in sidebars all over the web.  I was really glad to see that Doctors Without Borders was chosen.  Some people I know were involved in making a CD titled Not Alone, which benefits Doctors Without Borders.


That pic doesn’t go anywhere, because I have to go get Willow in two minutes and stuff like that takes TIME for me to do, but here’s a link to the page that has ordering information.  You’ll find our very own Matt (he’s not really ours, we just borrow him sometimes) on the first track of the first disc.  And John, too!  I just got in trouble, because, well, because I forgot that John was on it as well.  In my defense, I have a lot of things to keep track of.  Ooops. Also, I think that since John is on there, his brother Greg probably is, too.  I know I’m not.  That much I’m sure of.

And, here’s a post from the lovely Rita of Surrender, Dorothy, giving you the scoop on what BlogHer, The, and you can do to help raise $10,000 for Doctors Without Borders without even opening your wallet. 

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