Oh wow.  This woman is amazing!  I feel like I’ve had a productive day if I get a shower, do laundry and dishes and add something really wild.  You know, like clean off all the clutter on top of the microwave.  Someday soon I may add yoga to the lineup again.  I hope.  If she can play cello and do yoga and homeschool with eleven kids, can I not take a stained glass making class with my measly four???   I am so impressed. 

It’s the middle of the night.  Oh wait, I just looked at the clock.  I have to sleep so I can get Willow to the acupuncturist in the morning.  Didn’t make the farmer’s market last time and won’t this time either due to John’s work schedule.  But I may get to have lunch out with a friend and I’m making a really decadent dinner.  Baked Ziti, swiped from Jen and Tonic.  Her baby is the cutest thing in the universe.  Seriously.

Willow’s knock-knock joke:
here somebody says, "who’s there?"
"stinky poop!"

That came from this version
knock knock
who’s there
stink keep
stink keep who?
(you have to say it.  laughing yet?)

You can also sub "I’m a pile up," for the stink keep, but that’s sort of mean, I think. 

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  1. GraceD

    Yup, Bonnie is The Queen. Everytime I get my undies in a twist over my ONE KID (a teen girl, but still…) I think of Bonnie, homeschooling, practicing her cello, doing her yoga.

    If she wasn’t such a sweet person, I’d hunt her down and slash her tires for making us all look so bad.


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