How was your day, honey?

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Tonight I was walking home from the grocery store around the corner and there were all these little popcorn clouds in the sky glowing this outrageous shade of vibrant, neon, Pink.  I put the groceries on the table and grabbed my camera to go take a picture (they really do last longer) but when I got outside, the sky and clouds were grey.  Like this:

Still pretty colors, but different.  Then, later on John told me to come out and see the clouds, which was when I got the shot at the top of the page.  (I guess I can’t be bothered to swap them around.)  A tiny bit of the pink (but, not Pink) had returned to the undersides of the clouds.  The kids came out to see, too; all of us but John barefoot, everyone but Nate walking through the wet sidewalk (get this — we watered the grass!) and making footprints that we could just make out by the streetlamp in front of our house. 

I took a couple dozen pictures, using my hand and/or my bottle of gluten free beer, to keep the streetlight from making light spots on the camera lens.  After spending most of today inside, it felt really great not only to be outside just for the sake of being outside, but to also be focusing on the sky.  It’s like being outside, but more so, when you look up to include the setting sun, the pretty clouds, and the stars that are just starting to pop out here and there. 

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