Happy Halloween

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A few minutes ago I heard Lex yell one of the things I hate to hear the most, "MOM the toilet is overflowing!"

At least I got it fixed really fast and I was already mopping the kitchen and entryway, so it wasn’t too awful. 

The kids are watching School of Rock, which is probably my favorite of all the movies they like to watch.  They were cracking up when I told them to turn UP the tv while I was mopping.  How often does that happen?

Tonight, just before it got dark, I took the kids out to ride their bikes in front of the house.  The moon and clouds were really beautiful.  I pushed Willow on the trike while she got the hang of using the pedals.  I love the sound that the tires make as they crunch through the leaves.  We went up and down the block, and everyone was happy and laughing.  It was a little bit cold, so the kids all had red cheeks and noses. 

Everything is really fine, and I still can’t shake the sadness in the background.  It bothers me. 

My mom and I had a great time shopping in Berkeley (I could happily live there) on Saturday.  This is the second year we’ve gone to this sample sale, and now I have nice pj’s to wear while I lounge around in the evenings and mornings.  Heh.  Right. 

My mom bought me a new apron (so.cute.) and some new tops.  It is scary how shopping makes me feel so much better.  Why is that? 

Time to go bathe my cranky girls.  Tomorrow might just put me over the edge.  I’ll climb back up, though.  I always do.

3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Dixie

    Overflowing toilets and cranky girls aside, there’s a lot of happy there in that post. I guess that’s the way life is. You can have overflowing toilets and have good stuff like School of Rock going on at the same time.

    And getting new stuff makes me happy too. Doesn’t have to be expensive. I bought a new winter hat yesterday for 10 bucks and I’m positively giddy over it.


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