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Well, ha ha ha.  Firefox crashed on me and I lost the post I wrote (glad it’s not quite midnight).  It’s funny, because I wrote all about how I’d been sent a book, a bottle of wine and a cd to read, drink, listen to, and write about. 

I wrote about how very, very late I was in posting my opinion, and then, just as I was getting the last link in, it was eaten. 

The cd was Diana Krall’s from this moment on.  It’s very good.  (DUH.)  I knew it would be when I said I’d love to have it sent to me.  I like to put it on while I’m working in the mornings and drinking coffee.  I am planning to buy a copy for my dad for Christmas, in fact. 

The book was Lunch Lessons: Changing the Way We Feed Our Children.  In all honesty, I didn’t read the whole thing, but that was all about me and not a reflection of the book.  I haven’t read much of anything lately, except the last Lemony Snicket story.  I did read enough of it to say that’s it’s a very welcome and needed addition to my bookshelf.  My boys are insistent on getting school lunch every day, and I like to tell myself that has something to do with their foul mood when I pick them up in the afternoon.  I think they just eat the starchy stuff and toss the veggies and fruit.  I’m looking forward to reading all of it and seeing if I can convince them to bring a lunch to school – maybe just a couple days a week to start.  I’d liked to have had this in my library before the kids started school; it would have been even more helpful then.

Finally, the wine!  I had a very funny moment when I clicked on the link and for a second thought that the bottle sold for $178.  That’s the per case price, though it’s on sale.  Anyway, I thought, "Oh, shit!  I shouldn’t have drunk that (drank that? drinken it?) while I was putzing around in the kitchen cooking supper and baking!"

That said, I did enjoy the wine.  It’s a cabernet/merlot blend.  It isn’t what I’d normally buy, but it was good, so I’m happy to have expanded my horizons.  Also, the label is really well-done, and I took a photo of the bottle.  See?


The website says that it’s all about the fruity flavors, but I seem to remember it also having a little spicy/tobaccoish note (in the most positive way — I like that) too.  I think.  It was a long time ago, after all. 

It’s nearly midnight, and I’ll be damned if I screw up the NaBloPoMo now. 

Happy Thanksgiving.  I’m thankful for the internet.

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  1. Eve

    I use Camino. It’s fast and very happy….zooom.

    Happy turkey day. Love the layout and look here. I need to actually visit your blog more often.

    BTW, I have new blog space 🙂


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