(Part one of) Out, out

damn appendix.

Early Sunday night I had much fun, going up to Berkeley and back with Grace, Naked Jen, Beth and Glennia.  On the way home, I got a stomach ache that wasn’t awful but wasn’t easy to ignore, either.  I said my goodbyes and headed in to the house, where I went to the bathroom and puked until I found myself curled on the bathrug with my face much closer to the toilet than I even want to think about.  The pain kept up and I threw up every ten to twenty minutes until 1am, when I passed out.

Monday morning, I woke up and didn’t feel much better.  The lower right abdominal pain was worrying me a little, so I called the advice nurse to see if I should come in for a visit.  I made an appointment for 4 o’clock that afternoon, and called John to ask him to come home from work a little early so I could go.  Monday mornings the girls are with me, so I got them all set up in front of a movie with little bowls of food (sometimes it’s like I have dogs or cats instead of children) and got to work from my usual spot on the couch.  But, the television, which has been acting funky for over a year, finally just gave it up and kept turning itself off.  My timecard from Monday morning has lots of five and ten minute breaks. 

I finally got to the clinic and saw a doctor I’d never seen before.  He checked me out and decided that it wasn’t my appendix because I didn’t have a fever and my symptoms weren’t lining up right.  I hadn’t even barfed in over twelve hours.  He said that I could go home and sent me to the waiting room.  But, before I left, he came to to bring me back to the exam room.  Turns out he was a resident, and another doctor there wanted to talk with me.  She pressed on my belly and asked me questions and then sent me over to the hospital for a CT.  If it was negative I’d go straight home, and if it came back positive I’d have to go to the emergency room and get checked into the hospital.  Don’t worry, said the resident, it’ll be negative.

I got over to the hospital, feeling rather unwell.  I parked and went inside and found radiology.  There was a big sign TURN OFF CELL PHONES.  So, I took mine out and switched it off and then dropped it as I was putting it back in my purse.  The screen cracked, so now it works but you can’t see the display. 

At this point, I see a theme of things breaking and start to worry.

I have the scan, with contrast.  Ewww.  Have you ever had CT contrast?  I had it through an IV, and it makes your veins hot and gives you a weird metallic taste way in the back of your throat.  I think they should give that stuff to Arctic explorers in case they are lost and starting to freeze. 

Anyhow, after the scan I waited for the radiologist to check things out.  Of course, he told me to go to the emergency room.  And, now, I’m going to bed because even though I took forty naps today (some were morphine induced, but the vicodin ones gave me the freakiest dreams) it’s late and I need my rest. 

I will admit that at one point I had this thought:  Well, at least I’ll have something to blog about now

6 thoughts on “(Part one of) Out, out

  1. Candy

    So I’m guessing you had your appendix out? Sooo sorry! There’s nothing tougher than an emergency room visit gone awry when you know there are little ones at home counting on you. Been there.

    As for the CT Contrast, yup I know it well. For me, it includes a warm sensation between my legs (no, not a pleasurable one) that makes me feel like I’m pissing myself. That’s always fun.

    Hope you’re feeling better.

  2. GraceD

    That’s it. I’ll never take you to a Big Wig Web Guys talk again. Those mofos made my Jenijen sick, damn A-listers and their polemics.

    Love to you,
    Driver, The Bitch Bus

  3. Ali

    I think I see where this is going – poor you.

    But your ‘at least I’ll have something to blog about’ really made me laugh. I often find myself thinking the same thing in the more surreal moments of life.

    Get better soon.

  4. marian

    Jesus, the lengths some people will go to have something to blog about! I hope you feel better soon. Wish you could just enjoy drifting on morphine and not have to worry about kids and work…. xoxo

  5. Glennia

    I’m so sorry that you were sick. Geez, where did that resident come from? Bob’s Mail Order Med School? Hope you are feeling better.


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