1-800-SUICIDE marks its tenth
anniversary this year. It was founded in 1998 by Reese Butler in memory
of his wife, Kristin who had committed suicide. The Kristin Brooks Hope
Center has helped almost three million callers connect to help and hope.


they enter their second decade of service to the public, continued
support is needed to ensure that the confidentiality of every caller is
protected. Because they are totally privately funded, they need to
prove to the government that they are capable of supporting
1-800-SUICIDE to keep control of the line from being taken over by the
federal government.


The money you donate
will not only be used to pay the phone bill that connects about 50,000
callers each month to the Hopeline Network, but will also be used to
pay for training of online crisis counselors who will provide the same
support via online counseling. This is where the young people of today
reach out for help. The success of 1-800-SUICIDE is based on
individuals in crisis knowing that any personal identifiable
information is kept strictly confidential.


Hope Center’s volunteer staff and Board remain committed to preserving
confidential suicide prevention programs. Your action today assures
their sustainability!


The Kristin Brooks
Hope Center and its national 1-800-SUICIDE hotline is a great asset to
our society – one of those private-sector initiatives called a "point
of light." For reasons of their own, certain officials within the
government tried to snuff that light. With your help and support
together we can prevent that tragedy from occurring and help the
Hopeline achieve success in liberating 1-800-SUICIDE from government
control permanently.

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