We eat a lot of quinoa around here (thanks to SG for telling me how SuperHealthy it is), and Nate likes it especially lately so he had some for breakfast yesterday.  He sat there eating while I did dishes and laundry and tried to get all the kids to get ready so we could go.  I don't think I was yelling, but maybe? maybe I was.  I know I was stressed and rushing and trying to do too much at once. 

Hey, Mom, Nate said, C'mere. 

I walked over to find he'd made that heart in his bowl.

He smiled up at me, didn't say anything much. 

From then on out, we had a much better day.  Sometimes, it just takes a little reminder.  You know?

5 thoughts on “Reminder

  1. jennyonthespot

    That’s precious. Nothing quite like the eyes of our little ones to help us refocus.

    Just wanted to pop in and *wave*… Such a hoot to meet you this weekend… and then to actually hang out a bit too! You & Jenny crack. me. up!… make me all giggly 🙂 Hope your acclimation to life is going smooth! Did you get post-conference time off? 🙂 Hope so…


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