ring around the rosie

I made a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow afternoon because my brain is slowly leaking out of my right ear and my head hurts so very badly it’s making me loopy. 

Sophie spent the morning barfing and experiencing the worst of the worst intestinal distress.  Willow is still sick (the pedi thinks fifth disease**, but I’m not sure that’s what it is) and Nate just fell asleep despite his 102.3 fever.  I think Lex is getting the same cold the girls and I have been battling, but I’m going to assume his awesome ten-year-old boy immune system will conquer.

UNCLE already.

I hate all the sick.  It wrecks our plans, everyone whines at me and I can’t hear them because my ear is still not functional at all, and I find that I’m asking them to repeat what they just whined to me.  That’s not right.

Good things are in the works, though, and that’s a happy place I can go to mentally while I’m washing the barf off my arm and shoulder and mopping out my nasty-ass ear.  I’ve been saving for a laptop.  I’ve never had one.  Probably I am the only person who has been blogging for almost five years that doesn’t.  I’m close to my goal at last, and before this month is over I’ll be trying to figure out one of these.  This is such a big deal to me that I get all quivery if I think about it too long and I hear myself say "eeeep" a lot.

I’m wondering if anyone else is game to do a NaNoWriMo in the month of March with me.  November is not a good time for someone like me who has to do lots of holiday-related stuff, and when I think of March I think of having more energy and being happy about spring and since I’ll have a computer to work on this year, I think I might as well try and write a novel.  Could we start some sort of splinter group?  Anyone?

I think that Soph is finally asleep, and I want to go watch this movie that I bought ages ago and haven’t had a chance to see.  So, goodnight, sweet dreams, and happy new year.

**I had fifth disease when I was pregnant with Lex.  Luckily, it was toward the end and didn’t cause any complications, but I had to have ultrasounds every week for awhile so he could have EKGs to make sure his little heart was still moving blood around.  It sucked.

3 thoughts on “ring around the rosie

  1. robyn

    i’ll totally defect with you and write in march. i’ve got a book i’d like to write, although it’s not a novel. but i can get all my research done so that i’m ready to go on march 1!!!

  2. mamadaisy

    it’s bad enough having a whole house of sick to take care of, but to do it while you are feeling gross yourself? just not fair. hope you are out of the ick soon enough.

    i loved North Country. it made me mad, but i suppose that is the point.

  3. MamaSutra

    Hello…I’m delurking after reading here for a long while. Your March NaNoWriMo sounds very interesting to me, even though I really have no idea what I would write about. If you are willing to have a stranger join the group, let me know.

    Really enjoy your blog! Don’t know why I’ve taken so long to de-lurk!


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