The BlogHer conference was amazing this year.  It felt like 2005 again to me in lots of ways, only much bigger.  It was also overwhelming, and more than once I had to go up to my room and just get into bed, covers over my head and all.  And, for an extroverted extrovert, that is sayin something. 

I went on the Shutter Sisters photowalk, following Karen Walrond and our awesome SF (totally was too dense to get her name) native through the streets and alleyways of Chinatown. 


Img_9621 Img_9634

Img_9656 Img_9672

Img_9667 Img_9691 Img_9678

She was amazing, pointing out buildings that used to be brothels before the earthquake and keying us in to the fact that the fortune cookie company would let you in to take photos for fifty cents or a dollar.  I’d have gone in, but I don’t have a good flash and it was dark in there.

One of my favorite things, my favorite non-conference things, was getting dressed in the hotel room in the mornings with Jenny.  We put on music and made coffee and took all the time we wanted to shower and sit on the floor by the mirror putting on makeup and talking.   I’ve always been made happiest by the little things in life, which comes in handy when the big things get rough. 

It’s going to be one hell of a long week getting back into the usual routine of my life.

4 thoughts on “Rust

  1. Jenny

    I loved our primping time, too. I’m still decompressing from the frantic pace. I do regret that we didn’t do any drunk-dialing together, but we’ll always have texts.

  2. becky

    I wish I’d gone on that walk. So good to see you. Loved your hair – it was awesome! Wish there’d been more time to visit. :*


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