John is sick.  In bed with a fever sick.  I’ve never seen him this way.  I think my turn is coming, what with the sore throat and nasty painful headache that showed up today.  I’m not happy.  Especially since I had to cancel plans to see a friend tomorrow who moved to Mass. a year ago and is returning for the first time with her two girls, one of whom is just a new little thing.  Hopefully, I’ll get to see them before they go.  This flu is way too rotten to take any risks. 

Today I cleaned up the kitchen from yesterday’s cooking, mopped the floor and took all the kids to get Lexy’s cast off.  The cast was vile.  Sophie looked in it and said, Oh look, there’s poop in the cast!  We are thrilled to have it gone.  Then we all went to the post office and finally to Peets for celebratory hot chocolate.  I couldn’t resist buying myself some tea, even though John just got me some. 

Peetstea2 I didn’t realize how expensive it was until I just looked at that website.  The kids had me occupied and I paid cash but not attention, I guess.  Anyway, it’s worth it, and I treated myself since I just got a little babysitting money.  Next I get to go spend a credit at Victoria’s Secret.  Hooray!

I told John that I felt like I was gaining weight.  He is smart, so he said that I didn’t look like I was.  But my pants are all too tight, and even some of my underpants!  I said that if I cut out sugar and cut back on carbs (I love love love buttered toast) for two weeks, I’d be back to fitting in my clothes.  He said he’d like to do that, too.  He got the flu, and hasn’t eaten much.  I, on the other hand, have been baking and cooking like mad, using lots of butter and cheese, and cream sauce.  Oh well.  I can use the gift certificate to get bigger underpants and break out the elastic waist skirts, right? 

Nate wants me to come cuddle with him.  He’s such a snuggler.

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