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  1. Suebob

    I am going to be there and I cannnnnnnnot wait to meet everyone. I am such a nerd that I never even thought of the learning/business aspect of it until I started looking at their site at who is coming. I just wanted to party with all the interesting women I have met through their blogs.

    I was so dim that I didn’t even list a link on the profile part (and I can’t find a way to go back and change it). Then I read the profiles of other women and they read like PR material: Lisa has a Stanford MBA and founded an empire while still in her 20’s. She writes regular columns for the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine and Motocross World. When she is not writing one of her 4 blogs that receive over a million visitors a month, she splits her time between restoring her French chateau and sailing the Caribbean in a 1928 yacht that she and her husband Chad rebuilt themselves. Her twins, Emma and Lionel, are 18 months old and have appeared on TV commercials for Pepsi and Desitin as well as having roles in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

    I’ll be there. With far fewer qualifications LOL.


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