Sleep is for the Weak

or the parents with kids ages five and up.

For all my griping about my babies no longer being babies, there is one upside to having not-so-little kids:  S L E E P  (can I get an amen?)  A teensy bit more time to myself is a close second.  I’m not talking much more than the occasional unaccompanied shower, or two hour solo shopping trip, but after ten years all in a row of nursing babies nonstop and often being pregnant during that stretch, having no children younger than five has its advantages.   I really do miss having access to a baby’s head though; nothing smells better.

But I am not posting to be all sentimental about the baby days, I’m posting to pimp a book.  A book that I have a small part in, that is coming soon to a retailer near you.  I am beyond flattered to be included in this anthology; because seriously? look at this list of amazing writers:

2 thoughts on “Sleep is for the Weak

  1. furiousball

    although i’ve never nursed a baby to sleep via my hooter, i have fallen asleep in the gutter during my rock n’ roll days. i never missed the smell of bar garbage, call me weird.


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