Spain brain


I was making some scrambled eggs and opened the cupboard to get the salt.  The little shaker was empty; I put it in the sink since it looked a little unappetizing, and grabbed the big container of sea salt.  I noticed that the container says Product of Spain, so I used a little extra.

I really, really want to go there again someday.



Tonight I went to Holey Foods for homeopathic stuff (can you even attempt that when you are already on antibiotics?  whatever) and they had this big Spain theme happening.  The wine section had a poster that I considered stealing (yes, stealing – I knew they wouldn’t let me have it and I wanted it) but it was ripped, and the deli had Paella (hey! I spelled it right on the first try!) and Patatas Bravas, which was a different version than any I saw in Spain, all of which were different from one another.  I did get a photo of the worst offender:


1 thought on “Spain brain

  1. Sueb0b

    Spanish salt is the best. I once considered driving for a couple hours to get some…I know I am a freak, but it is that good.

    I will go with you, even though the vosotros verb form is not within my capabilities.


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