Star crossed

I have this weird muscley headache.  It hurts and feels like someone has wrapped an ace  bandage around my head.  I need a scalp muscle relaxer.  Or food that I don’t have to work so hard to chew.  Or something.

I made a quick run to Tarjay tonight because all of a sudden all the pants in the girls’ dresser are either too small or the knees are torn out.  I can’t tell you how sad I am to see the disco, split bell bottom, red star embroidered, Hello Kitty jeans finally give it up after their third set of little girl legs.  They were hand-me-downs from Soph’s friend, and she grudgingly let Willow wear them.

By the time I got to the check out, I had jeans (4), stretch pants (3), velvet pants (1), sweat pants (1), size 6 footed pajamas, a sweatshirt, and six long sleeved tee shirts.  Oh, and four little headbands.  Also, a set of flannel penguin sheets for Nathan (he has a double bed and exactly zero sets of matched sheets), a plastic bin for the photos I’ve been keeping in a cloth bag for far too long, and a thing to hang in my shower so we can quit balancing all the shampoo bottles along the handle thing inside the glass shower door.  And rechargeable batteries for the four Wii remote controllers.  (The WiiMotes.  I feel like Elmer Fudd: I bwought battawees for yowr WiiMotes, Kids!)  All that is neither here nor there, but the kid working the register was new.  He was being watched, ever so closely, by a supervisor as he rung up my stuff.  Most things he could hold over the little glass panel in the counter top in front of him, and *beep* they’d ring right up.  Other things caused him to tiptoe or bend his knees or swivel his hips while concentrating intently until he found the right angle *beep*  But some things, some things just wouldn’t scan.  And then he’d get all excited and quickly pull open the drawer under the register and say time for the gun! and scan my stuff with a little hand held scanner like he was shooting it.  I found it very entertaining.  When he got to Sophie’s footed pajamas he held them up and said, Aw, I didn’t know they still MADE these!  All I could think was that it couldn’t have been too long since he last sat around in a pair on cold mornings, warming his hands over the heat register.

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  1. gwendomama

    i cannot believe how jealous i am that you can just go into tarjay and buy your kids clothes that fit. supergirl’s so skinny that only size 2 or 3 fits her waist, and then not her length. she is a 6 yr old size 3T.


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