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On Friday afternoon the fruitsandvegetables guy comes and rings our doorbell.  It’s very exciting for the girls, and for me, too, to get our box into the kitchen and unload it.  The past couple of weeks we’ve had an extra box of strawberries, gratis, because a few weeks back the peaches were meh.  Today’s strawberries tasted like the sun, which may be cliche sounding, but it was damn true. 

It’s still stupidly hot here.  The girls hung out in their underpants all day, chugging orange juice and hogging the fan.  Tonight it did get a little bit cooler out, but our house is still really warm and everyone is cranky.  Nate wouldn’t eat supper, everyone else picked, and even though I took a shower before I got into my pjs, I’m all sticky and uncomfortable.  My favorite fan seems to be on its way out; it still turns, but doesn’t put out any breeze.  Tomorrow I will take it apart and look at it.  I love doing things like that, if only it weren’t the kick-ass fan with the real metal blades. 

I found myself wishing for either a cameraphone or a tiny digital camera today.  Twice!  The first time, I was stopped at the stop sign at the end of our street, waiting to turn left, and a man walked into the intersection in front of me.  He had on these bright, spring-green clogs that were cracking me up.  The rest of him was pretty neutral, so they just popped right out at me.  Then, when I got to the bank, there was a white haired and bearded (loooooong bearded) man in these new stiff dark denim overalls and funny little work boots walking in the parking lot.  A jogger (dude, too hot to run.  really. not. healthy.) nearly ran into him and he and I exchanged that eye-roll you do when someone else is being an idiot.  I just wanted to take his photo.  Secretly, though.


I had something nice happen today.  When I was little and in the car
with my father’s mother, she’d play a game with us we called "old red
barn."  The part of Texas she lives in is fairly rural, so lots of our
drives went through country and took a little while.  We’d see how many
old red barns we could spot, the older the better.  I still look for
them when I’m in the car, and every time I see one I think of her.
Tonight I was surfing around and trying to catch up on my blog reading
when I decided to check my favorite Etsy artist.  I ordered this for my grandmother’s birthday.  ** Updated to add:  She blogs,
too!  Hooray!

Tomorrow the pluots and nectarines that came today should be ripe.  They were *just* about ripe when they came today.  There is Rainbow Chard, basil, another basket of strawberries and red leaf lettuce.  I don’t know if anyone will eat, but I feel like making something out of all that stuff.  I want to try out these two recipes, too.  Every recipe she’s posted that I’ve tried has been wonderful. 

Oh, and I decided that the night time beach trip needs to be repeated often during the summer.  Hopefully weekly.  But, without the trip to Saturn Cafe after and with an earlier than midnight arrival home. 

I suppose I’m going to have to like summer from here on out.  Just remind me to really really shake out the beach clothes before I wash them.  I had to vacuum sand out of the dryer.

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  1. marian

    Your new layout really makes the photos pop. Very lovely. I love reading these slices of your life. Hang in, with the heat and all the rest!


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