Last night and almost all of today I've just had Nate and Soph with me.  My middle kids.  They get along so well when the other kids aren't here.  Even their fighting is almost friendly.  Last night we walked over to the grocery store to buy some candy (they only got 30 pieces between the two of them and they seemed a little dejected) and as we made our way down the dark sidewalk Nate said to Soph, You know what?  We're like totally getting along and being nice and I really like it.  See how much better it is when we get along?  It's really cool.  This is my favorite night, ever.

It seems to be the case that any combination of the kids that doesn't add up to four makes things around here more peaceful.  Like how I wish it could be all the time. 

I'm in a weird place; really happy but also so stressed out and worried about too many things.  I cannot keep up with my life anymore.  I'm behind on everything from bills to laundry to the kids' dental appointments.  I keep on doing what I can, but it's comical how small of a dent my near-constant efforts make. 

I'm going to take a stab at nablopomo.

8 thoughts on “Subtraction

  1. jennyalice

    ..because when you’re about to be buried it’s best to add more stuff to pile right? I’m making a NaBloPoMo effort too.
    Glad you got to see your kids be happy..together.

  2. Izzy

    I feel the same…always chasing my tail, never quite catching it.

    Good luck with NABLOPOMO. I can’t even bring myself to THINK about posting everyday!

  3. Mom on the Run

    I’m doing the NaBloPoMo as well. Hoping that since others I know are doing it, I will feel guilty if I don’t.

    I agree any two persons in a family get on better than the family as a whole.

    Keep pluggin’ away at your list. With a family everything seems impossible…everything gets done eventually.


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