I’ve been in a very foul mood the past few days.  John suggested that since we’ve had six weeks of rain at the tail end of winter and start of spring, maybe I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  I told him that maybe I do, although I’m not sad so much as I want to murder everyone.  I have Seasonal Urge to Murder People.  I doubt there’s a support group; all the members would just strangle each other.

6 thoughts on “SUMP

  1. Debra

    Yeah, we are all suffering from SUMP (is it ironic that the acronym is the same as a kind of pump to keep houses from flooding?)

    actually my SUMP has caused me to slip into a SLUMP…that is, I am getting nothing done.

    The sunshine this morning is a welcome gift.

  2. Susan

    That’s just the support I’ve been looking for lately.(I kid…mostly) No doubt you might be depressed, considering how ill everybody has been. That alone’ll suck the joy out life. Big hug.


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