Sweet wild road ahead

Yesterday morning I had to go to the pharmacy before work, and of course it took for-ev-er.  I sat in the waiting room, catching up on work email from my phone while I waited.  And waited.  When it was finally time for me to go, I headed toward the exit and fell in step behind a woman who was pushing an older woman in a wheelchair, and that woman, the older one, was pushing an older man in his wheelchair.  Your wheels are bumping together! the younger woman said to the woman in the chair.  She was cheerful and didn’t appear to be struggling, but I approached her anyway and asked if she could use an extra pair of hands.  Thanks, she laughed, but this is the best entertainment they get all day.  And the trio continued their wobbly path out of the building and across the parking lot.

Lots has been going on here these past few days.  Willow graduated from kindergarten:

Willow kinder grad

SG and I went to Carmel Valley to see one of my very most favorite singer/songwriters perform in someone’s living room to a group of about 30 people, and the woman who was touring with her was really incredible, too, so that turned out extra happy: (I grabbed this post title from a song of hers)

Annabelle chvostek

My brother and his wife and baby Max came for a visit:

Max smile

I went to a pretty outdoor wedding with SG, where I met and instantly loved a bunch of his extended family members, and talked him into dancing with me.  I watched Napoleon Dynamite for the first time, with SG and the kids.  The boys had already seen it, and I’d heard them saying Napoleon, gimme somma yer tots, for so long it was great to finally get the reference.  Though now they will say, Gaaaawd, idiot! under their breath and when I get on them for it they say, Oh, I was just quoting Napoleon Dynamite, Mom.  I swear.  

I’m not sure why — it’s not the end of the calendar year or the beginning of school or anything — but I’ve been all reflective about the General State of my little family lately.  Things are going so much better than I’d even hoped they would be at this time last year.  My kids are truly happy, and after seeing them on Sunday, my mom, brother, and sister-in-law all commented on how content they are.  How relaxed and comfortable they are with each other and the world.  After so many years of wondering how in the hell everyone else does it, I’m finally starting to think that I’m getting close to doing a good job at being the mom to these kids.  I’m still terminally behind on housework, terrible at keeping any sort of schedule around the house, and way too much of a pushover, but I’m really happy, which I think is coming through loud and clear to my children.  I don’t think it’s the case that if I am happy, they will be too; but I do think that they look to me to be sure things are okay, that the sky is clear, that it’s safe to relax and have fun

3 thoughts on “Sweet wild road ahead

  1. mamadaisy

    good lord, how do you keep from eating that delicious baby? nom nom nom

    hooray for Willow, and hooray for all of you for being happy and content — mighty impressive achievements that should not go uncelebrated.

  2. a lurker

    I just want to say – I have been reading for quite a while now. And I think if I was a mom, I would be just like you. But I’m 25 now and I plan on neeeeeever having children.
    I like how you write and I like what you have to say and most of all – I like how real you are.


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