Tuesday night we made Valentines.

Valentines 013

Valentines 008Valentines 014Valentines 019Valentines 009

I'm feeling nostalgic for the time when the kids were littler and I was with them all the time.  This year the boys didn't really want to make Valentines with us, which is fine, but I swear as Nate sat at the computer playing a game while I cut out 32 construction paper hearts for him to sign, I could squint and see him as he was just a few years ago.  My boys are still sweet to me (except when they aren't; and then they really, really aren't) but to be honest, it's hard on my ego now that they are older and can actually refuse an offered hug.  I didn't always want to be the center of their worlds, obviously, but how can I not miss when I was?

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day

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