Take me to a venture capitalist!

So, I just had the best ever idea while I was standing in the shower in my jeans and old maternity tshirt (I like to get my money’s worth, you know) scrubbing the glass doors and the tiles and the damn grout with bleach and a green nylon scrubby sponge.   I was standing there, my eyes and lungs b u r n i n g, and I thought, "Hmmm.  It would be so great if bleach made you high!  Think of all the fun I’d be having!"  And then, a giant orange (my favorite color) light bulb went off over my head and I thought, "I’m going to invent and market a cleaner that gets you stoned!!  It’s going to be called ‘Mother’s Little Helper!’  I’m going to be so rich!!"

My eyes STILL sting, but the shower is cleaner.  And, considering that midway through my project I shucked all my clothes so I could turn on the water and stand there naked and scrub ALL the soap scum off the glass doors and rinse everything down really well with an elderly plastic cup from Chilli’s, maybe bleach DOES get you high.  Maybe it gets me high, anyway.

10 thoughts on “Take me to a venture capitalist!

  1. capello

    That’s about the best damn idea ever.

    And I still wear my maternity all the time (ie. whenever I’m in my house), even with all the ratty holes. Hey, they cost 30 bucks, I’m gonna wear them until they show more skin than they cover up.

  2. katie

    hey, i do that too! i think that unless you have a shower curtain, you have to get inside the tub. and who wants to get inside the tub with all that bleach and water and wear clothes? it just doesn’t make sense!

  3. Deb

    Count me in as another naked shower cleaner….and put me at the top of the list for the altered cleaning supplies!!



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