the doctor is IN

the doctor is IN
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Willow had a Charlie Brown movie marathon tonight. Since John didn’t grow up with a tv in the house, he wasn’t really familiar with most of the stories. I was telling him how much like Lucy and Linus my brother and I were: I was the dark-haired bossy older sister, and my little brother had his blue blanket and sweet ideals.

I’ve never tried to sell my advice, and my brother never sat in a field all night waiting for the Great Pumpkin. Still, though, there are definite parallels.

This photo came from the parade we went to three weeks ago. Now that I’ve mostly got my laptop working again, I’m going through my recent photos. Next I need to catch up with my photography class. I’m five weeks behind. FIVE WEEKS. Not a small amount. But, I’m taking the next ten days off work. Just like a tax return, I’ve already spent it seven different ways. I don’t have real plans — I’m just savoring being at the beginning of it.

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