The Lives They Left Behind

Thanks to Jenny for linking to this via Twitter.  I really don’t get out on the internets enough these days. 

All of the stories are devastatingly sad, but Ethel’s really got to me.  You can find her by going to the menu at the bottom of the page and looking for "the suitcases."  Then, click on her name.  Of course there’s no way for me to know, but it sounds like maybe she was just depressed.  Rightfully so. 

I’m not sheltered enough to have not known that things like this used to happen frequently, that they still do happen now.  But it’s shocking.  It’s unimaginable to me that the consequence of not getting out of your bed because you are depressed could be forty three years in a mental hospital, the loss of your children, dying alone. 

I think I take far too much for granted.  I think we all do, those of us who are lucky enough to. 

3 thoughts on “The Lives They Left Behind

  1. Jenny, Bloggess

    Amen. 50 years ago that could have been any of us. I think Herman’s story affected me the most…

    When Mr. Herman was in his seventies, he was offered  the opportunity to leave Willard: “Where would I go?” he answered. “No place to go.”

    I can’t read it without feeling devastatingly lonely.


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