The Barf Goes On. . .

I don’t generally run a fever; when I do, it knocks me for a loop.  Like, right now, for instance.  Just wanted to pop in and say that Willow is fine.  Thanks a bunch for all the sweet well-wishes.  I told her that people all over the place were checking in to see how she was feeling.  She said that the ambulance ride and hospital visit were very scary, but that last night’s doctor visit was "nice." 

I need to go microwave something that the kids can call dinner.  Except Lex, who can’t seem to keep anything down today.  Here’s a helpful tip which I hope you never need to make use of:  if someone barfs freshly-chewed banana, and bread and butter (it was his Breakfast.  sorry.) all over the carpet and you are left wondering how in the hell to get the banana fiber out of the carpet while trying not to hurl your morning coffee on top of the mess, try using one of those stiff vegetable scrubber brushes and a pan of warm, dr bronner’s soapy water.  Then, all you have to do is buy a new scrubber brush.  Or, use it to wash vegetables for the kids who are being horrid. 

Can I call in sick tomorrow?  Please?

4 thoughts on “The Barf Goes On. . .

  1. Candy

    I’m sorry, you want to what?? Call. In. Sick.???

    Sorry…not in your contract. O would that it were. I’ve been nursing sick people here for weeks now as some variation of flu has swept its way through the house. Oddly enough, when it was my turn, the house was curiously devoid of nursemaids.

  2. Owlhaven

    This sounds utterly horrid, but while we are on this gross topic, an awesome way to get pyuke up off carpet is with a metal pancake-flipper. it gets all particulate matter… out of the carpet, then a wash rag and a brisk scrubbing will ge the rest…..
    Mary, mom to many and
    a fellow soldier in the kid/puke wars

  3. mamadaisy

    oh, what i wouldn’t do for a sick day… i screamed uncle a few weeks ago when the 3 year old, the baby, and i all came down with vomitting and diarrhea AT THE SAME TIME. man, was that ugly.

    sorry it’s so rough right now. i hope you all (or at least some of you) are feeling better soon.

  4. Marsha

    Thanks for the tip, very useful. Lauging my butt off thinking of saving the dirty vegetable brush to use on naughty children! He, he, he.

    I wonder if this puke bug is and Internet Virus since we all seem to be infecting one another? I wish I were there to give you a day off, sending good wishes.


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