the new flusher

is making me very happy.  I called the landlord to tell him that our bathtub faucet was leaky and needed a little attention.  The plumbers came today, and not only did they fix that faucet, they fixed the toilet.

Dude.  I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. 

Awhile back, the flusher thing broke, so I went to the hardware store (I love going there even more than the office supply store — that is something) and got a new set up.  I installed it, and all was good.  For maybe half a day.  Then, the chain just never had the right tension, and the toilet would run and run and run forever until I went in and gently pressed down on the handle and made the little flapper thing flop back down.  The problem is that SIX people live here, and they all pee here, but I’m the ONLY ONE who hears or cares about the running toilet.  Ninety seven times a day I was in there, applying gentle pressure on the handle until I could feel the flapper thing flop.  Sometimes I’d lift the back of the tank off to make sure the chain hadn’t come undone, because that happened a lot, too. 

I had a perpetual sore back from lifting the toilet tank lid.  We have an old toilet.  It’s quite sturdy and that lid is heavy.  But, the plumbers, sent from heaven I’m sure, fixed it!  There’s even a shiny, new handle.


It’s the little things, people, the little things.

Here’s a Christmas shot as well.  They didn’t get nearly enough stuff. . .


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