these are the days

This morning I drove Willow to preschool and we she talked about stuff she’s been learning at school.  Mama! she said, Did’ja know?  Mars. . . Mars, Mama, it’s a planet?  And, Mars HAS NO BRAIN!  It takes nine whole days to get there, too.  And, Pluto?  Pluto is SO. COLD.  It’s, like, a hundred fifty cold.  Totally cold.  It takes, six DAYS to get there.  AND, my teacher?  She held up a bucket of water?  And she said, it comes from the ocean.  MAMA!  The water from the paucet?  It comes from the ocean and after it goes down the drain, it goes back to the ocean and then back to the paucet where I can drink it.

Mama, how does rain get to the sky? she then asked, looking out her window.

Well, I told her, water from ponds and lakes and oceans rises up to the sky, a tiny bit at a time.  So small you can’t see it.  That moisture, that water, then makes clouds.  When the clouds get too heavy with water, the water falls back down and that’s rain.

That sounds about right, Mom, she said

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