Took the boys to see this movie today, (buttered popcorn! ate too much and got a stomach ache and would do it again.  Yum.) just the three of us.  It was breathtaking.  The sets, casting, costumes and details were amazing.  If only they’d put as much effort into the script.  Hmmm.  I sort of hate negative movie reviews, but I was thinking during the movie that if they had just relied on the narrator a bit more it would have been an improvement.  I understand that a film is a film and a book is a book.  The story telling styles are different and therefore I don’t mind the rewrites too much.  But, if they had used the narrator more to fill in parts of the story, the whole thing would have flowed better, not felt so rushed, and been less confusing to anyone who hasn’t read the books.  I’m just saying.

The essay by Jennifer Mattern in Brain, Child called How to Kill Twelve Hours made me laugh until I snorted and could hardly breathe.  It was like reading about our house, only with just the two little girls.  And no reptiles.

I have so so so so so much to do.  Instead of being responsible, though, I’m going to look on google for a recipe.  I’ve got the cooking bug again.  But I need to have the knitting bug and finish all those Christmas gifts.  Can I have eight arms, please? 

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  1. joem

    If you liked Jennifer Mattern’s articles, check out her blog called “Breed’emAndWeep” at You’ll keep laughing.


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