Twenty Random Facts (about me)

Still Life has tagged me for this one.  Hers are much more interesting than mine.  That is due in small part to my audience.  Heh.

  1. I hate the Beach Boys’ music (I’m sure they are nice and all, though).
  2. I have never been to New York City.
  3. I skipped kindergarten.
  4. I dropped out of college.  I think I was a senior.  I try not to think about it too much.
  5. I hate to drive. 
  6. I love to drive really fast alone in a sports car when the road is flat and open and not crowded.
  7. I had a miscarriage.
  8. Sometimes I put potato chips IN my sandwich.
  9. I have a separate depression category for Six Feet Under being over. 
  10. I used to be an almost compulsive shopper.
  11. Now I have a really hard time buying clothes and other non-grocery items.
  12. I always wear a slip under my skirt or dress.
  13. I love having a little baby, and I’m sad now that the last one is big.
  14. I love the ocean, and it scares the hell out of me.  Especially when I am there with my babies.
  15. I cry probably more than most people.
  16. I am recently very disappointed in my parenting skills.
  17. I have been breastfeeding for 9 years and three days.  STRAIGHT.
  18. Same goes for having a child in diapers.
  19. I think I could have been a passable character actress.
  20. I don’t care what other people think but I worry about it anyway. 

Let’s see.  I will tag Elayne, (sorry, I know you hate me now.  good thing I’m too far away for you to smack.heh), Shannon (you know that box of stuff.  It has finally made it to the van.  I have no excuse.  I am horrible.  Someday it will arrive, and I hope that that is the day you need it.), Katie and Eve.  Of course, everyone is free to play along.

2 thoughts on “Twenty Random Facts (about me)

  1. still life

    Good girl! Now let’s see all of the things that we have in common…
    1. The Beach boys, don’t get it, never did get it, probably will never.
    2. Potato chips in sandwiches are very good especially tuna fish sandwiches.
    3. I don’t necessarily cry a lot, but I do cry at weird things… like American Express commercials.
    4. I too could’ve been a passable character actor. Truthfully I think I could have been a good lead actor as well… I’m just saying.
    5. I also care what other people think.

    I also think that when you finally do get to New York City, you better not forget to visit me.

    Thanks for being a good sport.


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