Under two minutes

Sophie and Willow painted their fingernails with a light blue, metallic, glitter polish.  Sophie decided that Willow was too wiggly, so in an effort to keep her still, she painted her tongue with nail polish

I think this means that I can only pee alone when they are asleep.

5 thoughts on “Under two minutes

  1. capello

    Why must we be punished for just wanting to pee ALONE?

    So how does one resolve a fingernail-painted tongue? ER? Doctor? Scrap it off? Certainly not fingernail polish remover…

  2. Jenijen

    Luckily, Willow didn’t let her get more than one pass at it. I thought about calling poison control, but decided just to watch her and she seems fine.

  3. Lin

    I’m thinking that maybe you could cut a hole in the bathroom door, install a little two way mirror…you know, you can see out but no one can see in… or, maybe just resign yourself to having company for a couple more years. How well I remember!

  4. Belinda

    I feel for you. In a similar amount of unsupervised time tonight, Bella managed to pour an entire giant box of coarse kosher salt ALL OVER our king-size bed. She had a pretty even distribution going, and she did it so quickly, that it HAD to have been planned in advance. I fear for us all in the coming years.


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