I was driving behind one of these tonight.  Reminds me of the time I went to an HIV/AIDS fundraiser in the early 90’s (pre-kids, it was so long ago) and there were real, live runway models there, having droplets of punch and chewing their napkins.  (hmmm Jealous much?)  I can’t see spending that much on a car, but for a minute or two I sorta did. 

I packed the kids’ lunches for tomorrow and they are filed in the fridge.  The boys have a friend over (his mom is out of townish) and so there are three lunches.  I am still amazed at what I packed them: f*ster F@rms turkey sandwiches on white bread (two with mayo, one dry), Sp=ngeB=b Squ@re P@ntz cheezzeits, Pr!ngles in a tiny plastic throwaway cup, 0re0s, and juice boxes.  I don’t know when I have felt like such a total loser.  May as well send them with bags of garbage.  Garbage smothered in hydrogenated oil and sugar and artificial food colorings!  Willow’s tofu consumption doesn’t excuse me, either.  It’s shameful!

Dad is doing alright, according to my mom.  I haven’t talked to him and don’t think I’ll visit because the kids are sick and I do not want to get him sick right now.  I’m going to be at the hospital for the surgery, though.  Papa just came home and Sophie is still up, so I’m going to sign off. 

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  1. Jamie

    lol..you poor thing..let the lunch thing go today! (You sound like me..hehe) What really pissed me off is when I make a very healthy meal and I get a lukewarm..”this is ok”..but boy if I have to open a can as an indregient everyone wants more and I get mom you need to make this again”..Scratch cooking is lost on my peoples..as is homemade wheat bread..At least they will probaly eat that lunch..nothing worse than a hungry kid..


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