blue and christmas, but not blue christmas

We left the house on Sunday morning at 8:45 to go to the mountains so we could cut down our Christmas tree.  It’s all decorated and festive in the living room, waiting for presents and the two boxes of ornaments that belong to the girls which I can’t seem to find.  The boxes, not the girls.

It’s John’s birthday today, and Matt’s (link so not safe for work or kids) as well.  Last night I made them some homemade veggie pad thai and a chocolate cake.  Then we stayed up too late watching some of season three of Six Feet Under.  Since grown ups never get to have any fun on their birthdays, so it seems, John went to work early this morning, and the girls and I took Matt to the airport so he could sit on a plane until it’s no longer his birthday.  True, when he gets off the plane (well, off the train after the plane) he’ll be on his way to perform at this show, but still, not a fun way to spend a birthday. 

Nate’s birthday is next up, and I need to get planning.  Poor December birthday folk – always getting the short end of the stick. 

The last of the gold and red leaves are falling from the trees, and the sky today is blue as blue gets.

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