What if

I was standing in the kitchen when Nathan walked up to me, all happy and excited to tell me something.

Mom!  I think I figured out something really cool.  He turned his shoulder toward me, put his hand behind him, and stuck out his shoulder blade.  See how my shoulder blade is shaped?  It's kind of triangular, kind of flat here and at an angle.  The very perfect angle for a wing to be attached.  I think that maybe humans used to have wings.  Now, you'd have to have really strong arms to fly but I think that if you moved, like this, then maybe we could fly.  Maybe we used to be able to fly.

Wow.  That IS really cool.  That's always been a dream for humans; to be able to fly.

Maybe we used to be able to, he said, maybe we almost remember it, and that's why we dream of it so much.

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