whatever the weather


Yesterday when we should have been landing, we were circling the Dallas airport, because of Weather.  We circled for a good half hour before the pilot announced that we’d be landing.  In Oklahoma City. 

In Oklahoma we got gas, and I saw a big UPS plane unloading thousands and thousands of boxes of shoes that Susan ordered online.  I was going to get a photo, but it was too dark.  We finally got back in the air, but the Dallas airport closed again, so we circled it for another half hour.  All in all, what was going to be a 3 hour 25 minute flight turned into a 7 hour flight.  My brother and his fiancee were waiting for me (mostly in the rental car) for over 5 hours, watching the storm.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if I could have used the airline power adapter I bought for my MacBook, but there was no plug.  Not even an earphone jack on the seat handle for me to try and cram it into.  Then, my ipod died.  Not ran out of batteries but D I E D.  It works, but won’t hold a charge anymore. 

RIP iPod

I watched I heart Huckabees, then listened to music until the laptop ran down.  Kristen Hersh has a song that goes, "Holy shit, I’d rather be on the ground than flying."  That’s me. 

I’m going to drag my camera everywhere I go, so I’ll be back next time I find internet access. 

5 thoughts on “whatever the weather

  1. Susan

    Yes, those WERE my shoes! How did you know?

    It kills me that you were SO CLOSE to me and I didn’t get to see you. If you get stuck on the way back, CALL ME! Seriously.

  2. jennifer ramos

    Bradley was supposed to come home a week ago Wednesday FROM OKC and because of Dallas, he had to stay there another night. And then AA put him in a hotel where he was solicited by prostitutes! Isn’t that exciting!? Did you like I heart Huckabees?

  3. jenijen

    Susan — how could I NOT know. It was a lot of boxes. And I will see you and your shoes this summer!
    Jennifer — I wore one of your patchwork aprons for my drive into Austin yesterday! I do love I heart Huckabees. I’d seen it already, but it’s one of those that works with repeated viewings. I am so bummed that I’m in Austin and can’t visit you (I am so busy that I didn’t even try to arrange it, because I knew it wasn’t going to work). One of these days, though!

  4. meritt

    Ummm… ipod thing – is it possible the battery is just ‘bad’ and needs a new one?

    I hope so! I would hate to see the death of a pretty pink ipod! 🙂

  5. Beth B.

    Sorry about your pretty pink ipod. That battery does not work thing happens to my son’s ipod and he goes ballistic! He can’t live without his iPod. You handled it much better, turning to your computer. The airline should of least had a plug for you to use….bad airline, don’t they know we can’t go anywhere without being plugged in.


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