what’s on my first index card

I just finished reading Bird By Bird, by Anne Lamott.  She’s got me all inspired to write more and to write creatively and maybe to make an actual book.  She suggests using index cards to write down ideas; she keeps blank cards in her handbag, her glove box, by the bed, in her back pocket on a walk.  I like that idea.  I’m going to appropriate it.  I scrounged around for an index card last night, and it says

How am I?  I’m bitter and depressed and self-medicating with alcohol.  But, maybe you meant that as a rhetorical question.

I think you can tell what sort of book I’m going to end up with if I ever get enough cards and carve out the time to do it and then can actually, you know, find the cards.  I thought that was a funny answer to the "how are you?" question.  Dark humor.  Yummy.

4 thoughts on “what’s on my first index card

  1. Meg

    Anne Lamott is one of my favorites! I love Bird By Bird and have incorporated many of her ideas into my writing life.
    Have you read Writing Down The bones by Natalie Goldberg? Another Awesome read!
    After the holidays I’m going to full court press ahead with my first novel.


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