When I think of love, I think of you

This is SO good!  I don’t know how I snuck in the door for this one, but whatever — I’m not going to question my luck!

See my dear old friends on you tube.  I really, really miss them.  Especially lately.

I forgot to mention in the post below that I do have one problem with watching soccer games: whenever one of the kids gets hurt — ball to the face, kicked in the leg, wind knocked right out of them — and all the other kids "take a knee" (kneel down on one knee) it totally makes me cry.

Like, even the hurt kid is dry-eyed, and I’m choking back tears and snot and sobs.  I *know* they’re fine, really, but it just gets me. 

This morning I took the kids to school on my way to work.  All the first graders line up together and then walk over to their classrooms.  Soph’s friend was sobbing this morning because she misses her parents, who went on a trip and were due back today.  Willow wanted to know why C was crying, and I could barely speak enough to say, Oh, she just misses her mom and dad.  But! They’ll be home today!

I’d make a terrible first grade teacher.  I can see it now, me in front of the class crying along with the kid who forgot his lunch (so, so sad!) or the one with the pencil that keeps breaking every time she tries to sharpen it.

It’s much better that I work with grown ups.

6 thoughts on “When I think of love, I think of you

  1. marian

    Me too. I just about lost it in Target the other day listening to a little boy melt down when he realized that they were there to buy school clothes and he was crying ad yelling that he was NOT going to school, he would stay in Target forever… live in Target, so they couldn’t make him. The desperation in his voice just slayed me.

  2. Melissa

    What an honor to be published!

    FYI-I would have been crying right along with the little first grader today.

  3. gwendomama

    yeah! you do rock!
    fyi, i work in supergirl’s class one day/wk. little miles forgot his sharing this week and cried all morning on and off. even on our way to library time.
    it was so, so sad. dude. he forgot. his sharing. on his sharing day.


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