Why, yes, I AM hitting on you.

If the Easter Bunny left you an egg with 25 bux in it and you want to do something very nice, you can donate to the BlogHer childcare fund to help all the amazing mamas who want to participate this summer.  It’ll make you feel really good and will earn you mucho karma payback. 

2 thoughts on “Why, yes, I AM hitting on you.

  1. Lin

    Talk about a techno neophyte…I can’t even get to where I’m supposed to go to donate to the BlogHer childcare fund. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong or where I s hould go. I flopped around the BlogHer site for ages and couldn’t come up with a donation place.

  2. Jenijen

    Lin, you are an angel! If you follow the link in my post that says “donate,” then scroll down the page. Keep scrolling. It’s at the bottom of the registration page. I had a hard time seeing it, too, all tucked in there. Thanks a million. Can’t wait to see you again!


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