This morning we buckled everyone into the van and headed to Squid’s house to catch up with Jo and some other woolfcampers. 

(lots of photos, so I’ll tuck it back here to be less of a nusiance)

Nate brought his portable dvd player (thanks once again, Granny for that one) and a couple of Gamera
movies, Jurassic Park 3 and Batman Begins.  I had a pair of earphones
in the van from my last trip to the gym, so he plugged in while Lex
read an Encyclopedia Brown book and John and the girls and I listened
to the latest Hem cd.
The girls love to sing along with Hem’s cover of REM’s So. Central
Rain.  "I’m soorrrrrriiieeeeeee, I’m sooooorrrrrieeeeeee. . . " 




We saw yellow flowers and cows while we drove.  The sky was bright blue
in some spots and steely in others.  This all made me REALLY happy, but
I can’t tell you why that is. 



Woolfcamp2_039 Woolfcamp2_044_1

Tomorrow I’ll see if I can go post on the Woolfcamp blog, but right now I’m a little sleepy.



2 thoughts on “Woolfcamp

  1. Lin

    Great pictures, but I am absolutely enchanted by the picture of the two little ones walking down the path (it looks like they’re hand in hand but probably not)and into the sunbeam. Sounds like a lovely day.


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