Yoohoo, Ladies!

Brad2 This is my cousin (well, his dad and my mom are cousins, so he’s my whatever cousin however many times removed) Brad. If you’re inclined to visit the Dallas Morning News webpage before thursday, you can vote for him in a modeling contest. He is currently KICKING ASS, of course. Brad1

5 thoughts on “Yoohoo, Ladies!

  1. jenny

    haha, kelly!

    thanks for commenting and making me feel better…at least now I know i’m not the only one sitting at work staring and drooling!

    (and another thought hit me… what if NCDotCom tells us that he’s 16?! or younger! heh!)

  2. MayAna

    Tienes un primo muuu guapo guapo. Un saludo desde España. Si vienes de visita, lamame, que te hago hueco en mi casa a ti.. bueno, a tu primo.


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