You are getting sleepy

I’m in bed with my laptop.  The girls are both asleep next to me, snoring and hogging the blankets.  I think I am going to get to sleep for something like 8 whole hours, and even though I am going to bed with a couple of dishes in the sink and a living room that looks like, well, maybe a mix between Lord of the Flies and Toys R Us, I totally do not care because I am So Very Tired that sleep sounds better than Christmas. 

Things are better.  I should say that I am better.  My attitude is better.  Nothing’s really changed, but I’m looking at it all with a more relaxed and forgiving pair of eyeballs.  Because, really, all that stress wasn’t making it better, but adjusting my response to the hard stuff in my life sure has.

4 thoughts on “You are getting sleepy

  1. mamadaisy


    I have always wanted to get one of those big push brooms the custodians use and just push the pile of crap to one side of the room, leaving a gloriously clear pathway for me to walk through without impaling my foot on an evil pointy lego piece.

  2. d.

    People always say you can’t choose how you feel, and I suppose that’s probably true. But what they forget is that we CAN choose how we perceive our circumstances, which is pretty potent stuff.


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