You make me wanna break

something beautiful.  My new favorite song, scroll down in the player till you find it.

I love my neighbor, but when it’s hot and we’ve all got our windows open, I don’t love listening to her tv.  Some poor man is crying and it sounds like he’s right here in this sauna of a bedroom with me and my snoring, sweaty girls.  Nate and Willow have both got a low grade temp, and they are chilled and sweaty and wanting covers, but, well, maybe no covers,or, maybe a sheet, but ohmygod, the sweat!  Make it STOP, Mom!

Now there is a woman sobbing on the tv next door.  We’re coming up on 10 pm, so maybe this is just the dramatic ending.  Last year’s fans wouldn’t work this year, and since I haven’t replaced them yet, I can’t crank them up to drown out the noise. 

I really and truly do love my neighbor, though.  She’s great.

I got two tax-related items of mail today.  The federal govt says that they aren’t sure if they are going to accept my payment plan proposal or not, but in the meantime, DO NOT FUCKING FORGET TO PAY.  (Okay, the fucking was only strongly implied.  I know how to read between the lines.)  The state didn’t even acknowledge my offer, and instead just sent me a bill, due in less than a week, in full.  I’m just going to send another installment, let the interest and penalties build up, and hope they don’t attach my wages or something.

The tv next door is still on.  I am going to try and sleep through it.  Maybe I’ll grab my iPod and let my boyfriend Ira Glass tell me a bedtime story.

3 thoughts on “You make me wanna break

  1. wookie

    I just want to commiserate with you on the tax front… when my dad passed away, the release of his retirement savings triggered a tax burden that passed on to my brother and I. We got the retirement money, but because it was released post 9-11 but was “valued at” by the government at a signifigantly higher (earlier) date, the money we got didn’t cover the tax bill.

    If you can afford to, engage a lawyer. I had to spend $500 to deal with the … I think close to $105k of bill that eventually came my way, but I found that having that barrier between me and them was a huge help. The tax people also refused my first attempt at payment, and phoned me at about 9pm at night when I was 38 weeks pregnant and informed me that the were RETURNING MY CHEQUE and in the meantime they wanted X amount instead.

    Oh yeah. Fun times!

  2. furiousball

    i’m working with my mother and our attorney to make sure everything is handled, because yes, the government is full of vipers that love to suck your savings dry

  3. julia

    Ira is MY boyfriend Jen. I just got through listening to him talk to ‘me’ and he told me I was his one and only. He has been since the beginning, so just step back woman! So many voices…


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