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24/37×365: Alberto

You tell my kids (always in Italian) how gorgeous they are, and you tell me that I work hard and look beautiful.  I treasure your kindness, how you always take the time to visit and say hello.

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23/37×365: Kathy B.

You danced with the San Francisco ballet before you became a mother.  I wanted to be just like you.  Lessons five days a week, babysitting reduced my tuition.  Pregnant with your third child, your plies looked effortless. 

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22/37×365: Louise

every time I visited my grandparents, you’d come over from next door with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  Still warm.  When I found out that you kept dough in your freezer, I was delighted by your ingenuity.    

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20/37×365: Bert

You lived across from my grandparents; the neighbor they looked out for because he was older.  You always had jars of candy for company.  The people who live there now help out my grandmother.  I’m so grateful.

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19/37×365: Mr. Ward

Rumor was you broke a paddle over a girl’s butt for saying bitch. When I asked if the sun already burned out and we were feeling the last of it, you simply sent me to the hallway. 

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18/37×365: Mary E.

The best compliment (at least about physical beauty) I ever heard was delivered from my former husband to you: Wow, Mary, you look like the women that bombers had painted on their airplanes in World War Two.

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16/37×365: Taylor

Our mothers were friends and so we spent lots of time together.  Once you came over for Thanksgiving with your siblings and parents.  Your table manners were so atrocious, I CRIED later.  You totally ruined my Thanksgiving.

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