This colander is hanging up in the window in Grace’s kitchen, which was the best place to be during WoolfCamp.  I said I’d write about what I learned this weekend, so let me try.

  • If you have really seen the ocean, then it’s always there for you as a backdrop when you need it.  Even if you are surrounded by cement rather than water.  (Trust me.)
  • Grace’s house has the best painted wooden floor and bathroom tiles on the planet.  Also, if you visit her, take a shower in the upstairs bathroom where you can be naked in the forest but still inside, safe from all the things that want to bite you.
  • You are brilliant and beautiful, and so am I.  (This is one of my hardest lessons, and I’m still working on it. The me part, not the you part.)
  • There exists such a thing as bacon cookies.  I didn’t eat one, but I met someone who made them.
  • I am not kidding.
  • Sometimes lost keys and flat tires can turn out to be good things.  But, I knew that already.
  • I also already knew, but was reminded, that the best conversations happen in the kitchen.
  • I will never be a tech geek.  Ever.  Router?  I think of woodworking tools. . .
  • Furl is really cool.  If only I could finish figuring it out.
  • Ads on blogs are okie dokie.  (just watch this space. . . )
  • Feminism is constantly evolving.  Both in concept and participants.
  • I sometimes forget that I’m not one of the twenty-three year old college students.
  • If a girl doesn’t want to be called the f-word, she can call her betrothed the prince consort.
  • The lines around writing for yourself and your audience or what you think your audience is or what they may want are nearly too fuzzy to describe. 
  • The small gifts of interesting coincidence and simpatico are some of the most fulfilling.

Well, then.  Totally not what I intended to say.  I think I need to write down all the mundane things I need to do so that I can free up some space in my brain to sort my experiences.

Sleep is sounding good.  Just drifted off a little and nearly drooled right on the keyboard.


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  1. Lin

    The kitchen was, as ever, a good place to chat and it was beyond great chatting with a fellow non-techie type. Hopefully, after BlogHer, we’ll do the Woolfcamp thingie in Topanga, and we can chat in my kitchen. I love your energy, your beauty and your kindness.

  2. jenB

    jen, you are freakin fabulous. seriously, my little pixie blogging fairy of wonderfulness.

    you are beautiful and fabulous and awesome, just as you are.


  3. NattyChick

    You and Grace make Woolfcamp sound like a gathering I am sorry I missed! I am glad that you had a great time and learned a few new things. Putting new things into practice is a little more difficult at times though isn’t it? (a la the ‘You are brilliant and beautiful, and so am I’)

  4. Elkit

    PS: Yes, you ARE brilliant and beautiful! And I’m glad you’re not a tech geek – that’s one of the things I enjoyed very much about the weekend, how diverse the crowd was in that respect. Just like Grace said: she just wants for the fridge to keep her milk cold, she doesn’t want to know about freon and the tech aspects. Likewise, we just want to make use of the tools, and for them not to get into our way of writing.

  5. Mary

    Great write up — really great. I enjoyed last weekend so much! It seems so many juice and diaper-filled days away…

    You are beautiful, no doubt about that. I didn’t miss that but I did miss the bacon cookies. How could I have missed bacon cookies? Those are like my two most favorite things in the world.


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