The little things have ganged up on me.  I don’t usually have anysinglething at all in common with Gulliver, but this week I feel like all my responsibilities are Lilliputians and they have me hog-tied.  Today I will be babysitting FOUR children in addition to my FOUR children. 

help. me.

I’m joking.  The kids who are coming over are all older, except for the angelic BabyO, who is welcome anytime.  So, it just sounds really difficult.  Our only problem will be that there is not much to eat.  I could send them into the yard to chomp sourgrass. 

Willow turns three tomorrow.  Today we have to go back to the awful toy store to get her "hay plouse."  (playhouse)  Turns out that those plastic hay plouses are really expensive, so this year we made it a group effort between Willow’s grandparents, one of her uncles and us.  GREAT idea for us, since we are above maximum capacity in the toy department.  And, at TEN IN THE MORNING, (I’m already cringing) we will go to chuckk ee cheeze’s for her party.  I waited too long to book it and we had to pick between ten in the morning and eight at night.  I am wishing that the cheeze served bloody marys, truth be told. 

Tomorrow evening we will have the local family over for dinner.  I anticipate missing my brother and his girlfriend very much.  Since he moved I talk to him as much as ever, and I have even seen him, so it hasn’t been too much like he’s far away.  But, when everyone else is here and they aren’t, I know that I’m going to feel it. 

I suppose I ought to get moving.  I have so much to do today my head is already spinning.  Tomorrow before we go to the pizza thing, we have to hit the local big trash haul day.  We have so much stuff that needs to go to the dump it isn’t imaginable.  Then, between Willow’s two parties, I am taking Sophie to her favorite friend’s birthday party.  Of course, I still need to pick up that gift and then I need to go to the. .  . (you get the idea)

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  1. Dixie

    If there’s anyone in need of cloning or some sort of weird time turning thing a la Harry Potter, it’s you this weekend.

    Hope Willow’s birthday is wonderful!


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